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  "She's brilliant, driven, and incredibly creative. Don't ask her to do something average, predictable, or even traditional. Ask her for something beautiful, compelling, meaningful and carefully executed and she just might be perfect."
  Marcia C., Program Manager, La Leche League International, IS team



Silicon Valley Design Veteran powered by Curiosity, Customer Focus and Logic. A Collaborative Design Partner for Businesses and Engineering Teams of all sizes. A passionate Customer Advocate with 25+ years of Design Industry experience, Kavita has fine tuned her ability to proactively and effectively hone in on user needs through collaborative inquiry, original thinking, industry standard as well as unconventional design practices.

She has surfed the continuously shifting terrain in the Design and High Tech industry utilizing both sides of her brain, and knows how to respectfully create pragmatic bridges between multidisciplinary teams to solve complex problems. She inspires teams, lives the talk and designs for real people in the virtual world. Always bubbling with ideas, one day she hopes to design for real people in the real world! For her, design and simplicity are interchangeable. -- Kavita, Aug. 12, 2016

IDEATION: An avid proponent of hand drawing/ loose sketching as a means for initial idea generation, Kavita always has a notebook in hand and is known to take at least a handful of colored pens, highlighters and sticky notes to all meetings. Whiteboards watch out!

O V E R V I E W :

Proven success in distilling complexity into simplicity, designing Easy to Use & logical interactive systems through minimal research or leveraging existing requirements. The results are a tightly edited, strategic, holistic set of deliverables which can be easily understood to empower the product develoment team to move forward with Confidence, Speed, and Consistency. Maximizing agile thinking with a System's approach towards Resiliency/ Scalability. Building Trusting, Collaborative Relationships through Shared Dedication, Kindness and Humor.

Customer Advocate
Design Evangelist
Conceptual Design Research
Information Architecture
Project Management
Art Direction (Visual Design Systems)
Design Standards & Guidelines
C O R P O R A T I O N S   S T A R T ....U P S   N O N ....P R O F I T S   O P E N ....S O U R C E


"Innovation is like a deeply rooted seed which seeks the light of freedom to breathe. It is nourished through an authentic desire to realize an alternative truth, an all encompassing vision which has yet to be. It is more than a singular product for a singular moment. It is a masterpiece of a life long journey when executed with love and selfless giving."
Kavita Bali
May 2, 2014
    Depending on your Business needs, I can define a customizable package of deliverables to fit your team's budget and schedule. Based on your team's organizational needs. I can also partner with your dedicated Engineers to execute on our shared vision, or hand off the design blueprints to your team for final implementation. We have access to good folks locally and nationally to help provide additional gusto if needed. Together we can simplify life and bring a sense of joyous vigor to your customers.    
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