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These images are available for Exhibitions / Lectures/ for Sale. Ok, it's been a while, and since I've been busy designing away, I have yet to get my 20 plus years worth of photography up her for your viewing. One day :) Thanks for keep checking :)

Interested Exhibitors/Buyers: please contact kavita@urbanpeacock.com .
Studio Appointments: Urban Peacock Studios is based in Silicon Valley, California.


© 1993 Perseverance of the Soul

© 2001 Vision


© 1986 Searching
© 1985 Youth's Journey
© 1986 Swiss Time

© 2000 Friends

Kavita got her first camera at age 10 and in trying to take a photo of a giraffe at a zoo, she ended up with an image of her sandled foot. Today, she enjoys exploring her world with her lens, uncovering hidden moments of time which often can go neglected in the daze of our everyday routines.

In photographic portraiture, Kavita has found if she approaches someone with honesty-and a camera-with true interest and not just a desire to "capture" something and depart, it is a true reaching out to others, a quiet and personal way of communicating.

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