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Distant Souls


(1993) In Distant Souls, filmmaker Kavita Bali takes us on a surrealistic visual journey through the mind of a young Indian-American woman as she meets her boyfriend at a NYC café one afternoon. Emotions are poetically captured by the camera’s fluid movements as the young woman explores her two worlds of existence.

This film is currently unavailable for screenings. For questions please contact me directly at: kavita@urbanpeacock.com. Thank you for your support.

Film Stills


Screening History

September 9, 2003  

Venue 9 (San Francisco, California)

    'Women's Work Series presented by Footloose, produced by Mary Alice Fry. Kavita was one of artists at this event. 'Birth of a Butterfly' and 'Distant Souls' were screened before a full house, extending it's universal themes to a growing audience base.
July 2 , 2003  

LOCUS 1640 Post, (San Francisco, California)


" Beyond Bollywood: Words and Visions " A Salon of Poetry, Film and Contemporary Thought. Kavita is one of the featured artists of the evening. Event Details.

March 8, 2003  

PUSOD Space, (Berkeley, California)


" Showcasing Women Creators of the Asian Diaspora" In honor of International Women's Day, presented by Mango Mic.

    Berkeley Premiere
November 24, 2002  

Everest Theater (Irving, Texas)

    2:30 pm

" Dallas South Asian Film Festival " Short Film Program, followed by a Q &A. Featured a dozen of today's emerging south asian voices in film. Details.

    Texas Premiere
November 14, 2002  

University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska)

    7:00pm, Richard's Art Building, Rm. 15.

" An Urban Peacock's Cultural Discovery through Art & Film " Public Screening & Lecture, part of Univ. of Nebraska's Artistic Diversity Residency Program. Kavita also conducted 10 days of workshops dealing with art, design, film and creativity during her residency. Press (outside link)

    'Distant Souls ' was also screened for UNL students in multiple classes from Nov. 11 - 19th.
    Nebraska Premiere
August 25, 2002  

ATA - Artist Television Access (San Francisco, California)


Girls on Film Series (Women of Color) " On the Verge: Articulating Identity"

    San Francisco Premiere (Screening sold out)
Sept. 1998  

WORKS/San Jose Art Gallery (San Jose, California)


Shakti: Roots of Vision - Performance Night with Kavita Bali

    World Premiere

Film Details

Writer / Director / Editor  

Kavita Bali

Running Time  

5 minutes , 30 seconds

Year Completed   1993, 2002 (final clean up)
Original Format   16 mm film, B&W (w/music track)
Screening Formats   3/4 Beta SP ; VHS
Sound   Stereo
Actress   Rekha
Actor   Scott N. Carr
Abstract Dancer   Kavita Bali
Producer   Kavita Bali - Urban Peacock Productions
DP/Hand Held Camera   Kavita Bali
DP/Camera-Dance Sequence   Karen Lund
Assistant Camera   Karen Lund
Production Location   U.S.A. (NYC) Greenwich Village
Language   Visual Poem; Silent - with music track
Peacock Trivia  

Shot on one summer afternoon in NYC; edited on a flatbed at NYU over a couple of days, in about 16 hours total; budget: lunch for the actors (on location, where we shot the film), the cost of the 16mm reversal film and it's developing at the corner drug store. Total about $100 or less.

COMMENT: When you don't have much money, you figure out how to be creative with your available resources and tools to see your vision brought to life. This is helpful later in your career as you start to produce larger scale productions.







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