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Editor's Note

November 22, 2002

November Activities


November has been a very busy month here at Urban Peacock. In the midst of serving our design clientele in the high tech sector, we also have had several film screenings throughout the US.

The Dallas South Asian Film Festival (running through Nov. 28th) just presented a series of shorts by emerging filmmakers from across the country. These films provided a feast of varied insights into the layered identities that comprise the south asian soul.

Nebraska Residency The 10 day Artist Diversity Residency Program at UNL was a whirlwind of sharing with incredibly receptive and thoughtful students, faculty and area communities. The east/west book 'Passages', made as part of my thesis in 1987 at RISD, was the hands down favorite. It seemed to truly pass the test of traversing boundaries that are placed on people's perceptions of identity. It was heartwarming to watch how students, many who have lived all their lives in Nebraska, were able to easily absorb the concepts depicted in these pre-Photoshop visual montages.

'Passages', K's Press Release , Daily Nebraskan Interview

The Nov. 14th Public event was exhilarating. In addition to the 4 short films, this evening was the premiere reading of my 6 page poem about my grandmother 'The Horseman has Come' written upon her passing in late 1999. To my pleasant surprise, this poem was received with a wave of heart warming applause. It was the first time I could read the poem without tears.

In regards to the films, the results were varied. 'Birth of a Butterfly' was a favorite of the Film, Sociology & Psychology students. 'Distant Souls' seemed to touch an emotional chord within the hearts of most of the young women. 'Namaste Papaji' was a poignant favorite of the Indian Communities and the Film Students, and 'To Serve One's Country' left audiences in thought. A young military student came to me after the screening to tell me this was her favorite film. So, in some way, each piece of art presented on this night, touched people in a unique and thoughtful way.

Overall the lectures and workshops, the sharing of art, films, poetry and ink drawings has made for an incredibly rich experience. Nebraska was beautiful and very hospitable, reminding me of upstate NY in many ways.

The classes varied from Sociology, Film, Psychology and Contemporary Women's Issues to Managerial Economics, Entrepreneurship and Graphic Design where I spoke more about my 15 years of professional design expertise and the nature of design processes, collaborative team dynamics and the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge of processes & scheduling in the high tech and corporate arena during product development.

The underlining theme throughout the talks was the importance of diverse perspectives in life and how the more we know about each other, the more we learn about ourselves and how ultimately, such explorations can assist us in unveiling our thoughtful and conscientious individuality in life.

A few hours before getting onto a plane back to the Bay Area, I was interviewed by the Daily Nebraskan.


Since 2000, when we started our online presence, the nature of our content has evolved in some wonderful ways. We are now in the process of updating our User Interface Design system to account for the growth and also to add more resources that would be of interest to our Peacock Community. The new design shall continue to evolve throughout 2003.

Since the community aspect of this site is a pet project, time is often the deciding factor in how often we are able to update our content. Sometimes we update the site everyday, other times it may be a week in-between, so check back often to catch the latest. We have creative and thoughtful individuals from across the globe that visit us regularly. In our own small way we are building our dream of a virtual United Nations, defining ourselves through the universal nature of creativity.

If you have an event that you feel should be included and is not, please email us (kavita@urbanpeacock.com) or just drop us a line to let us know what you think of the site and any suggestions. We welcome your insights in building this Peacock community. Thanks for visiting. We hope you've enjoyed your visit.

Best wishes, Kavita, Editor-in-Chief, Nov. 22. 2002







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